Links to sites that offer confocal-specific training:


Confocal 101  

Confocal 101 is a FREE resource for educational lectures and information. Here you will find a repository of information on how to do reflective confocal microscopy. As you peruse this site you will find lectures and case examples for each neoplasm as well as a section for unknown case examples. New lectures are added on a quarterly basis.


Online Confocal Training

This Online Confocal Training site virtually reproduces a simplified clinical setting for skin cancer diagnosis, particularly focused on melanoma diagnosis, with the support of confocal laser scanning microscopy.



NIDI (Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging) Skin feels that Confocal Microscopy is an excellent tool for managing pigmented lesions and the patients should benefit from it and any new Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging technology. In order for that to happen, we need more trained physicians to use these techniques and to educate and train other physicians in the use of new methods of imaging.



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